IEBC held awareness forum where Hon. Mwaura was a guest speaker. People with Disability were addressing the challenges they go through during the election process. They face different challenges as they are disabled differently. For example there are Short Stature People who have challenges with reaching on top of the ballot box; to the blind sometimes they don’t have the secrecy during the elections; there are those who said that they mostly use visual information and IEBC should consider them when doing their education materials and adverts.




The disabled representatives also recommended to the IEBC to consider even having a special room for the disabled during the elections. Hon. Waithera Kaburu said that IEBC should get to the groups that deal with PWD all across the country so that they can work jointly in making elections a smooth process to the disabled. The representatives also suggested that the county coordinators should be trained on how to treat the disabled. There should also be provision of transport for the disabled during the election time to take them to and fro the polling stations. County administrators should be involved in connecting with the PWDs
Speaking, Hon. Mwaura said that as Kenya Disabled Parliamentarians (KEDIPA) has tried pushing for People with Disability appointments in the governing bodies. There has been an increment of budget allocation for PWDs. He also encouraged them to actively participate in politics for it is important to have somebody in the Parliament who understand their issues well and can be vocal in fighting for their rights. “We must not relent to ensure that we are well represented in the government.” Hon. Isaac Mwaura. He encouraged them to purpose to join together so that their pleas would be heard. He said that as KEDIPA they are ready and willing to help, educate and mentor People With Disability.
Speaking Dr. Kabue said that being disabled doesn’t grant one the right to become the disabled advocacy. This is after some of the disabled people in the government are numb to the issues affecting the disabled.





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