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Sharon finds a reason to smile





By Mercy Ndirangu
Christmas came early for Sharon Mukhungu Ndune, a 13 years old girl who was involved in a tragic train accident on 29th June 2016 leaving her with no limbs and with only two fingers on her right hand, after she officially got her prosthetic limbs from the Red Cross led by the Secretary General Mr Abbas Gulet, Governor Dr. Mohamud Said and Susan Ng’ong’a.
This was an amazing moment for Hon Mwaura Isaac who started the campaign on Facebook. “It was so nice to see sharon Makhungu stand up and walk again!! We really thank God that after she lost both of her lower limbs to the train accident, and after Rift Valley Railways failed to take responsibility, she can now get to play again!! We also talked with Salvation army who promised to explore on how she can join Joytown primary school for the physically disabled.” Hon Mwaura said.
Her mother Ms Jacqueline Wase who had lost hope of help and was in pain for her misfortune was now able to smile. Hon. Mwaura had tried to intervene with Rift Valley Railway in futile. The only thing that she was able to receive from KVR was a wheelchair that was given after Hon.Mwaura talked about it. RVR management had promised that they would accompany Hon. Mwaura as he takes her to School but they were nowhere to be seen. They had also said that they would reimburse the family the medical bill which months later it has not been the case.
The Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Isaiah had promised that he would do his best in seeing that Sharon would go through her education life successful. He also said that as RVR management, would help Sharon get artificial legs, to enable her live a normal life and also organize for Sharon’s mum to get a casual job in the RVR so that she can able to cater for Sharon’s needs.
At the school, the Pupils, Teachers and Parents were all excited to see Sharon and they accepted her and she in turn with her parents felt at home. When speaking, Madam Margaret, one of the teachers in the special units said that they receive limited funds which are not enough for them and they had not received any funds from CDF. Margaret also said that she had noticed a bad trend amongst parents who have disabled children where most of the women would be divorced and the mothers are the ones who are left to bring up the child alone. She encouraged parents to take good care of the disabled children as they are a gift from God.
Elias Ndune, the father to Sharon shared a synopsis of the story of the day Sharon had an accident. He felt bad that the Rift Valley Railways hasn’t shown any concern to the family since they have had to wait and be pushed by Hon. Mwaura. His wish is that the government should help. As a family, they are committed to help their daughter move on with her life despite the disability.
Hon. Mwaura has called upon the RVR to compensate the family. He is dedicated in fighting for the rights of the disabled which will see Sharon get compensated. He is asking the Minister of transport to join hands and make sure Sharon gets compensated.
Speaking to Albinism society of Kenya press, Sharon’s’ Red cross doctor Simiyu who was fitting both her upper limb and lower limp said that Sharon will be taken through a physiotherapy to help her walk again with now her new artificial legs. Parents of Sharon and Hon. Mwaura thanked the Kenya Red Cross for their aid and coming in to help Sharon.

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