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Kijana Mtetezi Meets Ruiru people.

By Solomon Ruhiu
The just ended week has been a beehive of activities by one Hon Isaac Maigua Mwaura, a staunch believer and number one people’s defender, popularly known as Kijana Mtetezi. His characteristic fearlessness has earned him respect, honor, and accolades from across the world. And this past week was nothing short of it.
To begin with on Monday morning he woke up to the news that had taken nation by a surprise that a candidate for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat had in a Television interview put across a derogatory remark about persons living with albinism, in a swift response the man full of valor and courage demanded for immediate apologies from the said candidate who due to public pressure had nothing but to apologize to persons with albinism.
It is good to note that the vocal MP has been leading national campaigns on sensitization and anti-stigmatization on people with albinism. These include the globally recognized Mr. and Miss Albinism beauty pageant. He adopted the name Muthungu WA Ruiru as a way of demystifying the notion that persons with albinism are not normal people.
In another activity that broke news on his charismatic attitude as a leader in Kenya, Hon Mwaura built a completely new house for a family whose house had been destroyed by shameless land grabbers who could stop at nothing but take the land from a peasant. The people’s defender alias Kijana Mtetezi suspended his campaign for the Ruiru seat and mobilized youths in Ruiru constituency to see to it that the family got a better house and in less than 48 hours they had built a house for the family. In the words of Stephen covey ‘effective leadership is putting first things first’
The week would not end without the honorable member extending his hand and heart of inspiring hope to the students in Ruiru girls where he donated loads of textbook and mentored the students. Hon Mwaura being a young person who has grown up in Ruiru knows that there is nothing greater than inspiring hope and he lives on the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders not followers and has therefore been on the trail to inspire young people to work hard to bring their dreams to reality
To wrap the week Hon Mwaura went on a meet the people tour to Mwiki ward in Ruiru constituency where he was met by hundreds of residents eager to listen to the words of wisdom from the man they believe will deliver them to Canaan. The stakes are still high and the popular MP is not taking any chances to ensure that he get the Jubilee ticket for Ruiru Constituency.
Finally in the words of Harry Truman: Men make history and not the other way round. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.

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